Cloud is my business, .CLOUD is my domain

This is a guest post I originally wrote for the 1&1 Blog. That blog has however been discontinued, so I am reposting the article in its entirety here.

Over the past couple of years a large number of new domain extensions have reached the market. Many of these new extensions are keywords that are commonly found in legacy top-level domain registrations such as .com or .de. A prime example of this trend is the word “cloud”, which according to corporate Registrar CSC has risen in popularity over the last few years, thanks to the growing importance of cloud computing and the ubiquitousness of cloud-based services.

With this mind, it is easy to see how the new domain extension .cloud provides clear advantages to companies operating in the Cloud computing space, and to anyone that finds this keyword relevant to their business. Launched 4 months ago, .cloud has taken the domain market by storm with over 55000 .cloud domains registered by companies and individuals from over 130 countries.

Ask me anything about the cloud

For many cloud consultants and experts in the field, a .cloud domain offers a great opportunity to get an attractive domain that adds relevance to their personal pages and makes their expertise immediately stand out.

Whether you redirect your personal .cloud domain to your Linkedin profile (, your personal page ( or your CV (, putting your .cloud domain on a business card shows you are on top of the latest trends. It can also be a great conversation starter at the next conference you attend.

Blogging and sharing your opinion or expertise is also a great way to build your personal brand. The collaborative blog that a number of leading cloud experts started at HeadInThe.Cloud proved to be a good source of inspiration for many others to start using their .cloud domain for their own personal blogs. Take a look at or, the blog of an Italian cloud consultant.

Born in the .cloud

For many companies, the availability of .cloud domains is a perfect opportunity to showcase a new product or rebrand to highlight their ”born in the cloud” identity.

In the UK, cloud consultants L3C jumped on the opportunity to move from to the much more elegant sounding Also Despatch Cloud is taking full advantage of their in their quest to help online merchants simplify their order management and shipping.

German-based Bixie was quick to snap up the domain and are now using it to advertise their cloud-based pension management solution.

Another great example of how a .cloud domain can be used as an excellent marketing tool is, Samsung’s new cloud-based framework enabling Internet of Things solutions and services.

An elegant entrance to your cloud offering

Even for those that don’t currently have a new or rebranding project, there are plenty of good examples on how to start  ”testing the waters” with new extensions like .cloud. is currently pointing to the webpage advertising Docker’s recently launched cloud offering. is acting as a simple but effective shortcut to the page dedicated to 1&1’s cloud product.

It can also be very effective to use a unique domain as a call-to-action for an advertising campaign. Particularly when it comes to offline advertising, a dedicated domain name is easier to remember and type for the people that see it on flyers and billboards.

You can then simply redirect it to an existing page of your website and include specific campaign details. It’s like a URL-shortener but more elegant, memorable, on brand, and fully under your own control.