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Beyond Product/Market fit

Building a product with the right features and that solves a real problem for your customer is already quite an achievement for any company.

But beyond doing a great job from an engineering perspective, it is also equally important to be able to explain how the product makes the life of the customer better, using the terms and arguments that resonate best with the intended audience. Ultimately, if people can’t find your product or understand what it does for them, how can you expect them to be willing to pay for it?

Finally, there are many crucial decisions to be made on how to bring the product to the market. What is the optimal price? What is the most effective strategy to acquire (and keep) customers? Do you sell directly or try to build a Reseller network?

For those able to find the right mix, the sum of Product, Marketing and Sales is certainly bigger than the parts: each of them reinforces and enhances the other, a perfect recipe for success.

Unfortunately, many companies – startups as well as more established enterprises – often underestimate or underinvest in one or more, creating an imbalance that ultimately leads them to failure.

What I can do for you

Full disclosure: I don’t have any superpowers. So if you are looking for a quick magic fix I am probably not the Droid you are looking for.

However, if you are interested in finding a real long-term solution and you are open for change, I look forward to standing next to you and your team to guide and support you through the process.

Taking a fresh look at your business, I’ll help you challenge assumptions, find the right questions to ask and validate new ideas. I am not aiming to take the place of your existing Product/Marketing/Sales organizations, but rather help them learn how to share knowledge and perspectives and work more effectively together.

It’s a process of trials and errors, but together we’ll build a product offering that your customers understand and value and that can generate the revenue you need to reach your goals.


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